Rarebit Copper Edition

Rarebit Copper Edition
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Inspired by a vintage, speak-easy restaurant called The Rarebit in Charleston, South Carollina, Rarebit Playing Cards became an instant collector's item upon release in 2013 at theory11. Last year, the first edition sold out in a record-shattering 16 HOURS and sells for up to $225 per deck on eBay.

The new Rarebit Copper Edition features copper metallic ink on the card backs and faces, all custom court cards, and elegant, simple design by Jay Fletcher in Charleston, South Carolina.

This limited edition is likely to sell out in days.

- Custom Index (pips)
- Custom Court Cards
- Highest quality playing cards
- Durable finish
- copper metallic ink on backs and faces
- Suitable for all card games
- Great for cardistry
- Awesome for magic
- 2 x Custom Jokers
- 1 double backer
- Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 inches